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 Nox Von Leon (Nox)

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PostSubject: Nox Von Leon (Nox)   Nox Von Leon (Nox) EmptyFri Jul 15, 2011 12:31 am

Character Name: Prince Nox Von Leon V (Nox Leon for short)

Physical Description: 5'7", red long droopy-spiked hair, near-tan complexion. Purple Eyes (wtf?)
Armor: Light armor consisting of mostly black, with some grays and silver; light water-proof boots; wears fingerless gloves with steel tipped knuckles. Further quipped with goggles which, when not used, rests on his forehead.
Weapon: Uses fists, namely said gloves. Occasionally makes use of ninja dagger. In heavy combat situations (specifically when sharp edges are involved), wields custom-forged Blood Dragon Kreda.

Mental Description: truth seeker, peace-keeper

Backstory: Nox was born into the Von Leon royalty. Though the Leons had a multitude of royal servants, they chose to actively shape and protect their kingdom (sitauted among the El Nath mountain range) with their own hands. The actions of the family gained them the reputation of saint knights. After a few hundred years of relative peace in the kingdom, a betrayal backed by the infernal Black Mage was put into motion. The plot was executed in such a sinister and ingenious way that to the Leons and all who heard of the events that happened blamed the Cygnus Knights. But that's somewhat irrelevant, and I won't go into the specifics.
Back to Nox. Amid the chaos of the Lion King's castle under siege, Nox was flung from the castle premises by his quickly-losing-sanity transformed father in an attempt to spare Nox's life from the rampage. Nox landed in a snow drift many kilometers away, losing consciousness and all memory of his previous life. He was found by a powerful time wizard known as Alcaster, who sealed Nox away for a century or two to further conceal his life-force. Upon revival, Nox was raised as Alcaster's grandson. The instincts of Nox's knightly training (don't ask specifics, that is another paragraph) eventually found him, and he slowly re-learned the ways of the infighter. Soon his thirst for adventure pushed him to explore the world, and he vowed to help all who needed his aid. Inevitably, bits and pieces of his past were revealed, and he began a quest to seek out the truth of what happened on that fateful night. His journey brings him to Kakariko Village, where this story begins.

Level: 1
Exp: 0

Health: 45/45
Mana: 90/90

Race: Human (-1 Constitution, +2 Charisma)

Class: THIEF - Infighter

Alignment: Lawful, Good

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 8 ( 7 + 1 )
Intelligence: 2
Constitution: 1 ( 2 - 1 )
Wisdom: 2
Charisma: 6 ( 4 + 2 )

-Basic Attack ( 5 Base Damage ) [fists]
-Haste (LvL 1) For 5 turns, boosts party Dexterity by 3 ( - 20 Mana )
-Stab (LvL 1) Depending on location, can cause certain status ailments to enemy ( - 20 Mana [ If bonus roll is 4 or higher, enemy is stunned for his next turn ])


Weapon : Field Dagger ( 0 Additional Damage )

Bottle (Filled with Milk (50 HP/ 50 MP ) ( 3 Uses Remaining )

Old Fishing Rod

Phoenix Down

Head : Coconut Hat ( +1 Dexterity )
Chest : EMPTY
Hands : EMPTY
Legs : EMPTY
Feet : EMPTY
Cape : EMPTY

Gold : 45
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Nox Von Leon (Nox)
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