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 The Negative Dimension - Rules, Regulation, and Explanation

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The Negative Dimension - Rules, Regulation, and Explanation Empty
PostSubject: The Negative Dimension - Rules, Regulation, and Explanation   The Negative Dimension - Rules, Regulation, and Explanation EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 2:47 am

I am the Master Kerashok.

I shall now attempt to explain this horrible mess that I've created in hopes that we will have a very funarrific time playing this role playing game of mastery and doodads. Loosely based on Dungeons and Dragons, this game also has some elements of Final Fantasy (most obviously the stats) as it is much easier to explain and use then using dice, saving throws, and other horrible crap. So, on the inside, this game is Final Fantasy. On the outside, it's Dungeons and Dragons. The stats will work like I explained on the character sheet explanation, where your main stat (let's say Strength for a Warrior) does most of your damage. After your moves are created and their effects are decided, I will put in a base damage (Such as... lets say, 10 for a Basic Attack) and then your strength will modify that damage (Base Damage + STAT + Dice Roll (Whose numbers differ by equipment value which will be listed on the item itself)) That's how it works for most games and thats how it works for this.

And much like the Fallout series, your stats will also affect the kinds of things that occur on the game. I will come up with adventures, in which will have booby traps, locked doors, and trolls that need to be bitch slapped, that can be opened or destroyed by using a certain stat. I'm going to try to make it as simple as possible to understand, that way the game can go much smoother and the combat flow much smoother.

Threads will be created as adventures take place, and the adventures will usually consist of me saying what's in the current area, and then everybody gets to take turns talking to each other and deciding what to do, and then they advance to the new room and another post by me is made.

Your equipment will be your inventory in this game, and you will aquire a great deal of things during your adventures here. We will also have pets at one point (maybe sooner than later), and then henchmen that will assist in certain stupidities.

The rest of the game should be easy to explain as it goes on. As I create the initial thread, all you have to do is post in it what your character is doing, saying, etc. and then the next person can post. The only rule is you cannot double post, but if there is 3 people or more in the room it is possible for those two to keep going back and forth and for the last person to lag behind. Eventually we will also have slightly OOC tournaments where there will be some PVP elements.

Speaking of battle, as you know, the stats will have control of everything, so the whole "trust, and luck, and self choosing of loosing" does not exist anymore. Therefore, when you are going to DO something ( such as attack or pick a lock ) you must end the action as if you were pulling it off. Then I will post whether or not it "succeded" using the game's stats and you can continue your post or the other person can react to it.

Shops will take place in the towns, right before adventures and all that junk. As you know, I will be making up the story as we go, so many things won't make sense and more often than not things will be unbalanced, but I'll try to make it unbalanced in the easier way, so that things will be at least defeatable.

Like I said before, this game is going to be very free and the things that you can do will not be limited very much at all.

There isn't many rules, considering how open the game can be, just be respectful to the other people, of course, and make sure you do things that are within your character's power. You can whip out your dick and start wanking for all I care, as long as you're not flying through space and time (unless that's your character's special power).

Once all the characters are created, I'll start the first post in the actual world and the journey of a thousand suns will begin.
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The Negative Dimension - Rules, Regulation, and Explanation
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